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Welcome to the XE Community Forums. XE’s goal is to facilitate global commerce, and we hope that this community will help you connect with others who share similar questions, ideas, and experiences. We encourage you to register and participate in our community discussions. Please be courteous and follow the Rules.

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General discussion

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Topic: New graphs are inaccurate Reply: hi peternorth, I am new to this tread and looking for that chart you are talking about, I don't... Read More 

XE Market Analysis has moved to our new XE Currency Blog. Keep up-to-date on currency market activity with these in-depth articles. Visit the XE Currency Blog 


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Topic: Welcome Reply: Pack Smart!... Read More 

Money Transfers

Topics 13 Posts 24
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Topic: currency exchange calculation and frequency Reply: I want to transfer money to other country from personal to personal, but the procedure in bank is... Read More 


Topics 29 Posts 48
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Topic: How to Make Money in Forex Trading Reply: Forex trading has become the largest business in trading worldwide and starting out in the right... Read More 

USD - US Dollar

Topics 12 Posts 25
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Topic: Welcome Reply: And the US-Dollar is also the most Printed... Read More 

EUR - Euro

Topics 6 Posts 12
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Topic: What Goes UP May Go Back Down Reply: This week d USD did go up again but on what Basic?... Read More 

GBP British Pound

Topics 6 Posts 8
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Topic: GBP VS USD, EUR & AUD Reply: Yes, definetely. Pound is still one of the world's most important currency. And hoping it will be... Read More 

AUD Australian Dollar

Topics 14 Posts 17
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Topic: Daily Cycles favor move from 11/7 to around 11/19. Reply: I followed the Australian Dollar as it turned on October 29 (swing top) as expected and then made... Read More 

CAD - Canadian Dollar

Topics 3 Posts 3
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Topic: Daily Technical Strategist On USDCAD Reply: USDCAD: Faces Bear Threats, Remains Vulnerable.... Read More 

More Currencies...

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Topic: mexican peso Reply: What is happening with the Mexican peso? Read More 

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