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XE Currency Data

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Topic: URL Reply: Hi MX DATA,... Read More 

XE Market Analysis has moved to our new XE Currency Blog. Keep up-to-date on currency market activity with these in-depth articles. Visit the XE Currency Blog 


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Topic: FINANCIAL LOAN OFFER Reply: Hello... Read More 

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Money Transfers

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Topic: Transfer funds from UK to Canada Reply: As you say FlloridaKid transferwise is a cheap method. If you are transferring large amounts of... Read More 


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Topic: GBPJPY: Turns Lower Ahead Of Key Resistance at 184.42, Weakens Reply: GBPJPY: The cross now faces further weakness after turning lower ahead of its key overhead... Read More 

USD - US Dollar

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Topic: Loan offer between particular Reply: Hi!... Read More 

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EUR - Euro

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Topic: Beware of loan between private individual Reply: Hi everybody... Read More 

GBP British Pound

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Topic: Buy high quality Counterfeit EURO,DOLLARS, POUNDS,SSD chemical solution for cleaning black dollars etc(saspecklin@gmail.com) Reply: Buy high quality Counterfeit EURO,DOLLARS, POUNDS,SSD chemical solution for cleaning black... Read More 

AUD Australian Dollar

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Topic: Australia Central Bank Interest Rate Reply: It doesn't give you a lot of confidence in this service when it is now over 2 weeks out of date... Read More 

CAD - Canadian Dollar

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Topic: Daily Technical Strategist On USDCAD Reply: USDCAD: Faces Bear Threats, Remains Vulnerable.... Read More 

More Currencies...

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Topic: API Integration Reply: Hi ,... Read More 

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