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XE Market Analysis: Europe - Dec 18, 2013

By: XE Market Analysis

EUR-USD remains at familiar levels in the upper 1.37s after subdued pre-Europe, pre-FOMC announcement Asian trade, with both upside and downside flurries yesterday having proved short-lived . USD-JPY, meanwhile, has continued to orbit the 103.00 level, recovering in Tokyo after orbiting to a distance of 102.50 in New York yesterday. Read more

XE Market Analysis: Asia - Dec 17, 2013

By: XE Market Analysis

The dollar started out on a stronger footing, though its gains faded through the session. USD-JPY was softer from the open, slipping to support into 102.50, as risk aversion set in in front of the FOMC. EUR-USD eased to lows under 1.3725, though subsequently recovered over 1.3770. Read more

XE Market Analysis: North America - Dec 17, 2013

By: XE Market Analysis

EUR-USD The main dollar pairings have been languid ahead of tomorrow's FOMC announcement, which of course makes some sense as it's about a 50-50 call on whether the Fed opts to start tapering QE assets. EUR-USD tried to rally following a very strong German ZEW outcome, but managed no more than a 10 pip gain that stalled short of the day's high at 1.3782, before settling to 1.3760. Read more

XE Market Analysis: Europe - Dec 17, 2013

By: XE Market Analysis

Not much movement has been seen in pre-European Asia trade. USD-JPY at 102.96 bid is within a few pips of yesterday's London closing level, having posted a sub-20 pip range in the interim. A rebound in Asia stock markets, with the MSCI Asia Pacific lifting 0.5% from three-month lows, failed to inspire selling of the fund-currency yen or buying of the asset-currency Australian dollar. Read more

A Look Back At the Big International Economic Stories of 2013

By: HaleStewart

This week is the last full week of 2013. So, it seems appropriate to look back on the year that was to see what the big international news stories of the year were. The following are presented in no order of importance. And, please realize that people can disagree on these types of things. Read more

XE Market Analysis: Asia - Dec 16, 2013

By: XE Market Analysis

FX trade was very slow in N.Y. on Monday, as holiday conditions set in in earnest, and traders remained cautious ahead of Wednesday's FOMC announcement. The jury remains split on tapering for this meeting, so either decision could have some significant impact on the greenback. Read more

Three of 4 US coincident indicators now exceed pre-Great Recession peaks

By: New_Deal_democrat

The US economy, ex-employment, has now completely recovered from the 2008-09 "Great Recession." Industrial production, probably the pre-eminent indicator used by the NBER to mark recessions, in November for the first time exceeded its pre-recession peak, by increasing a huge 1.1%. Here's the graph, normed to 100 at the 2007 peak: Two other coincident indicators of recession, real retail sales and real personal income, already exceeded the 2007 peak. Read more

XE Market Analysis: North America - Dec 16, 2013

By: XE Market Analysis

EUR-USD spiked to the upper 1.37s from the early London session low of 1.3736. Good buying was reported in EUR-JPY, and EUR-GBP and EUR-AUD also lifted, the former to a one-month peak of 0.8455. There didn't appear a news or data development that might have prompted the move (Eurozone PMI figures were mixed), though there was talk of bullish research notes in circulation, based on the view that Eurozone banks will need to bolster regulatory capital reserves ahead of the ECB's taking over of bank supervision in November 2014. Read more

XE Market Analysis: Europe - Dec 16, 2013

By: XE Market Analysis

A correction in USD-JPY provided the main theme in pre-Europe Asian trade, while dollar weakness spilled over into EUR-USD, which traded moderately high versus Friday's London closing levels. USD-JPY opened at 103.25 and then decided to continue the slide from Friday's multi-year high of 103.92, triggering stops through the 103.00 and 102.90 area. Read more

International Week In Review: Chinese Growth Continues; EU Faltering

By: HaleStewart

Let’s start the weekly international round-up with the latest from China –which just keeps on growing and growing. The latest inflation reading printed at 3% YOY. While this is a bit high, it’s hardly at dangerous levels. And the PBOC has demonstrated a remarkable willingness to act, meaning that should we see the level spike for several months, some type of action would probably be in the cars. Read more


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