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XE Market Analysis: There Is No Instance of a Nation Benefiting from Prolonged “Trade” Wars: Sun Tzu’s “Art of War"

By: xemarketanalysis

OVERVIEW Global stock markets are in the green as trade disputes are quashed by Chinese President. US PP advances 0.3% in March, fuelling expectations that the economy is ripe for more than three rate hikes. Risk-on trades driving commodity currency higher against the USD. HIGHLIGHT Chinese President Xi Jinping calmed market fears about brewing trade disputes with the US. Read more

XE Market Analysis: North America - Apr 10, 2018

By: XE Market Analysis

The yen underperformed for a second day, while the dollar bloc currencies outperformed after China's President Xi struck a conciliatory tone, pledging a more open economy and lower tariffs for automobile imports, at his keynote speech before the Boao Forum today. Read more

XE Market Analysis: Europe - Apr 10, 2018

By: XE Market Analysis

Yen weakness has been the main show in town, with the biggest mover having been the global stock market correlating AUD-JPY cross, which is showing a 0.9% gain as the London interbank market takes to its collective desk. USD-JPY is showing a 0.4% advance, earlier posting a two-session high at 107.24. Read more

XE Market Analysis: Asia - Apr 09, 2018

By: XE Market Analysis

The dollar weakened overall into the N.Y. open on Monday, seeing the DXY slip to a low of 89.82 in afternoon trade. The FX market was largely quiet however, with narrow trading ranges seen in the major dollar pairings. Wall Street surged higher on eased trade tensions, as Trump economic advisor Kudlow sounded optimistic. Read more

XE Market Analysis: Russian Rouble Slumps as US Unveils Sanctions

By: xemarketanalysis

OVERVIEW US Dollar softer as trade tensions remain front and center. German exports plunge as global trade concerns rise. British Pound is supported by house price data and rate hike bets. Canadian Dollar firms on NAFTA optimism. Turkish Lira falls to fresh record lows. Read more

XE Market Analysis: North America - Apr 09, 2018

By: XE Market Analysis

The dollar has been trading neutrally versus its main counterparts. EUR-USD has been plying a narrow path around the 1.2270 mark, consolidating Friday's post-U.S. jobs report gains, which lifted the pair from the low 1.2200s. USD-JPY has been steady, holding near 107.00. Read more


By: HaleStewart

EUR/USD             First a bit of history: Read more

US Economy Still in Solid Shape

By: HaleStewart

ISM released their latest manufacturing and non-manufacturing reports this week. The manufacturing number was down 1.5 but is still a very heathy 59.3. New orders were also off, but they are also very strong (61.9). However, the real story in this report were the anecdotal comments, which contained negative information about the tariffs: “Supply constraints, extended lead times, capacity constraints [and the like], particularly in the electronics components markets, continue to frustrate and drain needed resources, have delayed production schedules and, in some cases, caused missed or delayed sales opportunities.” (Computer & Electronic Products) “International demand is strong for our products in all regions. Read more

Powell and Bullard Both See Additional Rate Hikes

By: HaleStewart

This week, there were two key speeches by Federal Reserve governors. The most important was from new Fed President Jerome Powell. I have previously described him as a technocrat; his latest speech further solidifies that description. Like most Fed governors, he believes the labor market is the single-best indicator of the economy’s health. Read more

Weekly Indicators: interest rates rise again edition

By: New_Deal_democrat

March data started out with a weakly positive jobs gain and a flat unemployment rate. Wages improved overall, but did not gain YoY for non-managerial workers. Motor vehicle sales improved. Both ISM manufacturing and services indexes decelerated but remained strongly positive. February construction spending was barely above flat. Read more


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