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Weekly Indicators: very late edition

By: New_Deal_democrat

I wasn't able to get to this over the weekend, but here are the high frequency indicators for last week. Monthly data for September included a big increase in the index of leading economic indicators. There was a slight increase in consumer prices. Read more

Leading Indicators Point To Continued Japanese Weakness

By: HaleStewart

Although Japan had a 6% GDP growth rate in the first quarter, much of this was attributed to a sales tax hike pulling sales forward -- a thesis that was confirmed by the 7.1% contraction in the second quarter. Since then, economic numbers have been weak, most notably the decline in industrial production. Read more

XE Market Analysis: North America - Oct 29, 2014

By: XE Market Analysis

The major currencies saw limited change in pre-FOMC announcement trade. EUR-USD ebbed below the Asia session low to a nadir of 1.2723, though remained well within yesterday's range. Large options with strikes in the low 1.27s are due to expire at today's NY cut, reportedly, which have exerted some gravitational pull in subdued market conditions. Read more

XE Market Analysis: Europe - Oct 29, 2014

By: XE Market Analysis

Narrow ranges prevailed in pre-Europe trade in Asia with the proximity of the FOMC announcement continuing to be cited as the excuse. The forex market wasn't stirred by a prevailing risk-on sentiment as the MSCI Asia Pacific equity index rose over 1% to a four week high. Read more

XE Market Analysis: Asia - Oct 28, 2014

By: XE Market Analysis

The dollar slipped after a particularly weak durable goods report, and ultimately stayed down versus the European majors, though showed some resiliency against the yen. Yields bounced from lows after a better consumer confidence outcome, which kept equities on the rise. Read more

Lower interest rates drive slow improvement in September housing reports

By: New_Deal_democrat

Housing, perhaps the signle most important forward looking sector of the economy, hasn't been particularly kind to either bulls or bears. Those who thought that pent up demand would be sufficient for strong growth in hew housing starts and sales have found that demand can remain pent-up for a long time (e.g., 1929-45). Read more

XE Market Analysis: North America - Oct 28, 2014

By: XE Market Analysis

The dollar posted a moderate gain in generally subdued trading conditions as market participants hunker down ahead of tomorrow's FOMC announcement in the absence of fresh leads. The SEK was the main exception as the currency dropped sharply after the Riksbank cut interest rates to zero from 0.25%, below the median forecast of 0.05%. Read more

XE Market Analysis: Europe - Oct 28, 2014

By: XE Market Analysis

Markets have been subdued ahead of the FOMC meet, which starts later today. EUR-USD has seen a 1.2695-1.2715 range, holding just above its 20-day moving average at 1.2694 and below yesterday's peak at 1.2623. USD-JPY has posted a similarly narrow range, of 107.76-107.90. Read more

XE Market Analysis: Asia - Oct 27, 2014

By: XE Market Analysis

FX trade was fairly quiet to start the week, though over all the dollar lost ground to the major currencies, with the USD index dipping to 85.45 from 85.70. EUR-USD made its way over 1.2720, up from a 1.2675 base, while USD-JPY was unable to reclaim the 108 handle, falling to near 107.60. Read more

Doctor Copper Is Signaling A Weak International Environment

By: HaleStewart

Because copper is used in so many goods, it is often referred to as "Dr. Copper," meaning its price provides a strong indication about the direction of the global economy. Keeping in mind this is only one indicator, take a look at the yearly chart for the metal: Starting in April, we see a general rally that lasts until the beginning of July, when prices broke through the 200 day EMA. Read more


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