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Concluding comments on the direction and importance of housing

By: New_Deal_democrat

Why do I spend so much time analyzing the housing market? Because, as Prof. Edward Leamer pointed out in 2007, housing leads the economy. Virtually every recession since World War 2 has started on average about a year or so after a downturn in the housing market. Read more

International Week in Review: Slow But Steady Growth Continues Edition

By: HaleStewart

Perhaps the biggest news last week was the release of meeting minutes and policy analysis from four major central banks: the BOJ, BOE, RBA and the Federal Reserve. All noted that financial markets had been relatively stable over the last 4-6 weeks -- a calm which some found oddly disquieting. Read more

Weekly Indicators: Temporary staffing makes a new springtime high edition

By: New_Deal_democrat

Monthly data for April included was sparse this past week. Most importantly, the index of Leading Indicators rose +0.4%, indicating expansion will continue through the end of this year. Both new and existing home sales improved from March. but existing home sales are still down by more than -10% from their peak last July, and new home sales have also been down YoY for the last 3 months. Read more

XE Market Analysis: Asia - May 23, 2014

By: XE Market Analysis

Ahead of long weekends in the U.K. and the U.S., FX trade was relatively quiet in N.Y. on Friday. Most desks about closed up shop by late morning EDT, resulting in a sideways dollar fro the most part. The euro dis stay soft, though did not test the London low near 1.3615. Read more

A Technical Look At Some Major Currency Pairs

By: HaleStewart

From late January to early April, the Aussie dollar was rallying verses the dollar. But after crossing the 200 day EMA, the Aussie lost strength. After making a second attempt at rallying over the 200 day EMA, the Aussie has fallen below this important technical line. Read more

The Failure of Austerity: UK

By: HaleStewart

Recently, the UK government has used UK's economic turnaround as proof that austerity works.  However, a closer look at the data reveals this to be far from the truth.  Read more

XE Market Analysis: North America - May 23, 2014

By: XE Market Analysis

The USD continued to hold firm. EUR-USD dove to three-month lows following a sub-forecast Ifo report, which fell to a headline reading of 110.4 in May from 111.2 with the expectations index falling for the first time since last October. EUR-USD logged a low of 1.3627 after breaching the 200-day moving average for the first time since last September. Read more

XE Market Analysis: Europe - May 23, 2014

By: XE Market Analysis

Modest USD firmness characterized a quiet session in pre-Europe Asia. USD-JPY led the way in rising to a nine-day peak of 101.85 before Japanese exporter offers took effect, and put a cap on the pair. EUR-USD dipped below Thursday's low and made a low of 1.3641, but the move stalled shy of Wednesday's three-month nadir at 1.3633. Read more

XE Market Analysis: Asia - May 22, 2014

By: XE Market Analysis

The dollar posted modest gains in N.Y. on Thursday, taking EUR-USD under 1.3650, and USD-JPY toward 101.80. After making session lows of 1.3647, the euro only managed gain to 1.3663, before fading lower again. The pairing found good two-way interest in the 1.3650s, though managed to avoid large stops reportedly at 1.3650. Read more

XE Market Analysis: North America - May 22, 2014

By: XE Market Analysis

The AUD rose and the JPY weakened as risk appetite picked up in Asia following a much stronger than expected China PMI release, which came in at 49.7, a five-month high and well up on the Reuters median for an unchanged 48.1. The MSCI Asia Pacific equity index was showing a 1.2% gain as of late PMI session in Tokyo. Read more


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