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Americans gaining confidence in the economy

By: New_Deal_democrat

While many commentators pooh-pooh consumer sentiment surveys, the fact is that the "future expectations" of those surveys have been shown to lead economic performance, and they are included as one of the 10 components of the Index of Leading Indicators. Read more

2014: The Year Of the Flattening US Yield Curve

By: HaleStewart

The chart above shows the US 30 year constantly maturing treasury (or CMT, left scale) and the 2 CMT (right scale). Since the beginning of 2014, the 30 year yield has moved lower, dropping over 100 basis points. In contrast, the 2 year CMT has risen about 30 basis points. Read more

XE Market Analysis: North America - Dec 17, 2014

By: XE Market Analysis

The dollar traded firmer today, with AUD-USD making new four-year lows under 0.8150 and EUR-USD ebbing back to the 1.2450 area, putting over 100 pips between spot and yesterday's peak at 1.2569. USD-JPY made a peak of 117.50 before settling around 117.20-30. Read more

XE Market Analysis: Europe - Dec 17, 2014

By: XE Market Analysis

The Aussie dove to new trend lows with AUD-USD diving below 0.8200 and logging a four-year low at 0.8145. There didn't appear to be a catalyst, and stock markets and commodity prices were generally steadier in Asia-Pacific, though there remain concerns about the growth outlook in Asia and globally. Read more

XE Market Analysis: Asia - Dec 16, 2014

By: XE Market Analysis

Markets looked a little scary early in the N.Y session on Tuesday, following Russia's rate hike, as the ruble plunged to record lows, a fresh trend low in oil prices, diving sovereign yields, and retreating equity markets. As the morning progressed however, sentiment turned around some, allowing the dollar to rally some, oil prices to move modestly higher, and Wall Street turn positive. Read more

Russia: Yes, We Can Call It A Currency Crisis

By: HaleStewart

I've written extensively about the deteriorating Russian economic situation (see here, here and here). In the broadest terms, growth is slowing and inflation is increasing. International sanctions as a result of Russia's military advances are preventing Russian businesses from re-financing debts. Read more

XE Market Analysis: North America - Dec 16, 2014

By: XE Market Analysis

USD-JPY drove broader dollar declines today, while strong Eurozone PMI data supported EUR-USD. USD-JPY touched a low of 116.22, the lowest since Nov-17 and some 140 pips down on yesterday's closing level. A lot of commentaries pointed to the extended losses in Japanese stock markets, with the Nikkei closing 2% down today, as driving the yen higher. Read more

XE Market Analysis: Europe - Dec 16, 2014

By: XE Market Analysis

USD-JPY led the dollar lower today. The pair's move correlated with fresh declines in Asian stock markets following the Markit/HSBC China manufacturing PMI for December, which came in at 49.5 in the flash estimate, down on the 49.8 median and first sub-50 contractionary reading in seven-months. Read more

XE Market Analysis: Asia - Dec 15, 2014

By: XE Market Analysis

The dollar headed lower versus the European majors and the yen in N.Y. morning trade on Monday. as another round of oil price weakness hit the equity markets. Risk off was again the driver, which was likely exacerbated some by the deadly terrorist situation in Sydney, Australia. Read more

Prime Minister Abe Has His Work Cut Out For Him

By: HaleStewart

Prime Minitster Abe – who was re-elected in a snap election over the last few days – has been in power a few years. He first came to power on the back of “Abenomics” – a three part economic revival plan that contained the "three arrows" of currency devaluation, structural reform and fiscal stimulus. Read more


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