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XE Market Analysis: North America - Apr 16, 2018

By: XE Market Analysis

The dollar traded moderate softer. EUR-USD clocked a two-session high of 1.2373 from the 1.2330-35 area while the narrow USD trade-weighted index (DXY) ebbed by 0.25%. AUD-USD also traded firmer, and USD-CAD softer. Cable traded above 1.4300 for the first time since January. Read more

XE Market Analysis: Europe - Apr 16, 2018

By: XE Market Analysis

Moderate yen outperformance has been a feature in otherwise narrow-ranging early-week trading. EUR-USD held in the lower 1.2300s, remaining within Friday's range. USD-JPY, meanwhile, dipped below Friday's low at 107.25 on route to a 107.13 low, which marks a correction in an upside trend that's been in development for two weeks now, from mid 104.00 levels. Read more

International Economic Week in Review: International Potpouri

By: HaleStewart

This was a modest week of international news. Canadian news was light this week, with building permits being the main release. Permits dropped 2.6%, but remain in the 775-850 range, where they’ve been for the last 10 months: The Bank of Canada recently imposed increased lending restrictions, where were summarized in the latest Senior Loan Officer Survey: Overall, household lending conditions tightened in the first quarter of 2018, driven by mortgage-related lending (Chart 1). Read more

And Overview of the EU

By: HaleStewart

           Peter Praet gave his assessment of the EU region in a speech on April 9.    Let’s begin with his assessment of inflation: Read more

Major Pairings: The USD; GBP/EUR and USD/CAD

By: HaleStewart

The dollar rallied about 20% between 2H14 and 1H15 largely as a safety bid. Remember that the EU was going through a second round of fiscal issues during this time. The dollar traded sideways until about halfway through 2016. The Fed started to raise rates at the beginning of the year and continued at the end. Read more

Weekly Indicators: long leading forecast keeps tiptoeing towards neutrality edition

By: New_Deal_democrat

March data included an increase in producer prices, but a slight decline in consumer prices mainly due to the decline in the price of gas. Consumer sentiment as measured by U. Michigan declined. The JOLTS report for February mainly showed declines, and downward revisions for January. Read more

XE Market Analysis: Asia - Apr 13, 2018

By: XE Market Analysis

The DXY advanced modestly ahead of the N.Y. open on Friday, though spent much of the remainder of the session sideways to slightly lower. The index topped at 89.88, before falling off to 88.72 in light afternoon trade. A softer U. of Michigan sentiment outcome weighed some on the dollar, though activity overall was thin. Read more

XE Market Analysis: The Dollar Index Steady Amidst U-turns and Paraskavedekatriaphobia

By: xemarketanalysis

OVERVIEW The Dollar Index is buoyed by easing trade war fears and US U-turn on Asia-Pacific trade pact. Market waits for UoM Sentiment data to bring more trading impetus. JPY is the biggest loser as investors shift flows to commodity-focused currencies. HIGHLIGHT The US Administration made a U-turn on the TPP and does not want to be left out of the party. Read more

XE Market Analysis: North America - Apr 13, 2018

By: XE Market Analysis

The yen weakened, while sterling and the Australian dollar outperformed and the dollar trade mixed. The other commodity currencies also posted moderate gains. AUD-JPY was showing the biggest gain, as of the late London morning, with the cross showing a gain of 0.7%, logging a one-month peak at 83.99. Read more

XE Market Analysis: Europe - Apr 13, 2018

By: XE Market Analysis

The yen weakened moderately while most of the other main currencies posted narrow ranges in pre-London trading in Asian markets. USD-JPY lifted to a fresh six-week high of 107.58, while EUR-JPY lifted toward trend highs and AUD-JPY clocked a one-month high at 83.69. Read more


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