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XE Market Analysis: North America - Sep 15, 2017

By: XE Market Analysis

The dollar traded mostly softer, although gained against the yen, and fell sharply in the case against sterling, which rallied strongly following hawkish remarks by a reputationally dovish BoE MPC member. USD-JPY logged a two-month high at 111.32, despite news that North Korea had launched another missile over Japan, achieving a range that would reach Guam. Read more

XE Market Analysis: Europe - Sep 15, 2017

By: XE Market Analysis

USD-JPY dove only briefly on news of missile test by North Korea, which was again the Japan vaulting kind, similar to the missile test of a couple weeks back. The pair logged a 109.55 low after dropping about 70 pips amid a bout of safe haven positioning, though subsequently more than recovered, to around 110.60. Read more

XE Market Analysis: Asia - Sep 14, 2017

By: XE Market Analysis

The dollar rallied early in the N.Y. session on Thursday, driven by hotter U.S. CPI numbers, and better than expected jobless claims data. Initial gains were largely negated however, as reports that N. Korea was preparing a new ICBM test hit the wires. Read more

XE Market Analysis: British Pound Surges as Bank of England Warns of Rate Hike

By: xemarketanalysis

OVERVIEW Pound jumps as BoE hold rates, but turns more hawkish as housing survey improves. The US Dollar fails to hold gains after stronger inflation data. The Swiss Franc is weaker despite central bank saying currency less overvalued. The Australian Dollar dips despite very strong jobs data. Japanese Yen strengthens after North Korea threatens to sink Japan and annihilate the US. ECB board member says they need more time before deciding to cut stimulus. Turkish central bank keeps rates on hold. Read more

XE Market Analysis: Europe - Sep 14, 2017

By: XE Market Analysis

The dollar traded perkily in Asia, spurred on by apparent fresh momentum behind the White House plans for tax reform. Republican congressional leaders talked up an "outline" on reforms by the week of September 25th, and the White House hosted a bipartisan dinner to keep the heat on both sides to step up on reforms. Read more

US Bond Market Week in Review: There is an Inherent Weakness in the PCE Price Deflator That the Fed Isn't Considering

By: HaleStewart

For most of this expansion, the Fed has publicly stated that it is using a 2% inflation target. In addition, their models have continually had a “just around the corner” feature, where, despite currently weak PCE measures, higher inflation would occur in the near future. Unfortunately, a historical look at the broad components of their preferred inflation measure belies the Fed’s optimistic projections: Above is a logarithmic graph of the three components of the PCE price index: durable goods prices (in blue), non-durable goods prices (in red) and service prices (in green). Read more

XE Market Analysis: North America - Sep 13, 2017

By: XE Market Analysis

The dollar's post-weekend "relief" recovery ran out of gas today, although the buck still saw a fresh higher versus an underperforming yen. Cable, extending the sharp gains seen after yesterday's perky UK inflation data, also traded softer after wage data came in off expectations, despite a new cycle low in unemployment.[EUR, USD]EUR-USD saw good offers ahead of 1.2000, which consequently pushed the pair back from a high of 1.1995 to near net unchanged levels close to 1.1970. Read more

XE Market Analysis: Europe - Sep 13, 2017

By: XE Market Analysis

The dollar rebound rally has lost gas, with EUR-USD edging out a two-day high and the buck trading softer versus sterling, the Australian dollar, among others, although USD-JPY still managed to eke out a 12-day high. The dollar had been shorted into the weekend, when concerns about the impact of Hurricane Irma and fresh ratcheting up in geopolitical tensions were at an apotheosis, and driving the rebound on Monday and Tuesday had largely been an unwinding of this positioning. Read more

The unholy triad of housing (un)affordability

By: New_Deal_democrat

One of the distressing trends I have been keeping track of for the last several years is the "rental affordability crisis." This is the moniker put on the trend by the Department of Housing and Urban Development for the fact that rents have been rising far faster than income among the lower quartiles, causing the median rent as a percent of income to rise to a series of new record highs, most recently in the second quarter of this year. Read more

XE Market Analysis: North America - Sep 12, 2017

By: XE Market Analysis

The dollar carved out new rebound highs versus the yen and euro, among some other currencies, though traded lower in some cases, most notably the pound, which rallied strongly following perkier than expected UK inflation data. USD-JPY continued to gain as markets react to a sense of reduced risks stemming from North Korea and Hurricane Irma, with the former having refrained (for now) from further missile testing and the latter now having weakened to a tropical storm rating while tentatively proving to be less damaging than feared to the U.S. Read more


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